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Spa and Hot Tub Chemicals

Spa and Hot Tub Chemicals

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Derby Dolphin Bromine Floater

Adjustable flow rate Holds 10 tabs Product Dimensions: 5 L X 4.75 W X 9.75 H

Underwater Light Show

The best selling underwater light show in the world – it floats on the surface of the water and projects light and color onto the bottom and sides of the pool. Seven

Ultra Underwater Light Show and Fountain

This amazing water feature does it all! It floats spins and sprays colors both above and below the water. Watch in delight as an array of vivid color patterns project onto the

Digital Wireless Thermometer

Make maintaining your pool water temperature a breeze with the Wireless Digital Pool Thermometer and Sensor. This unit monitors and displays air and water temperatures in your pool spa or pond. Indicates

Waterproof Playing Cards

Perfect for the pool or spa! Durable and tear proof with a unique transparent design. Includes plastic carrying case. Product Dimensions: 1.0 L x 3.0W x 4.25H

Outdoor Solar Shower

Enjoy a refreshing shower outdoors in sun-warmed water before and after you spa swim or beach it. This eco-friendly shower soaks up the sun’s energy and warms the water inside. Simply mount

Pool and Spa Vacuum

Cleaning you pool or spa is a breeze with this All-In-One vacuum. Quick easy clean up of minor debris Uses a simple pump action to create suction No hoses or hook-ups needed

Derby Duck Bromine Floater

Adjustable flow rate Holds 1 tabs Product Dimensions: 5 L X 4.75 W X 9.75 H