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Spa and Hot Tub Chemicals

Spa and Hot Tub Chemicals

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Spa Frog Jump Start 1.5 OZ

One dose packet for easy spa start up!Unique dichlor base with an effervescent action that shows it’s working.One packet for freshly filled spas up to 500 gallonsOpen and pour convenience every 4

Spa Frog Test Strips

Easy-to-read strips test spa water pH total alkalinity and are specially formulated for precise reading of low chlorine or bromine levels.SoakShakeSeeSimply dip strips in water one time.Compare test results to chart on

Original FILTER FROG Mineral Sanitizer for Filter Cores

The FILTER FROGฎ offers another approach to mineral spa care that fits in your filter. Our unique design draws water in through the openings in the cap and the scooped louvers at

SPA FROG MINERAL Replacement Cartridge

Refills for use in either the Spa Frog Floating System or for users of the Spa Frog In-line System factory-installed in selected newer spa models including: Emerald Saratoga Caldera Marquis Morgan Watkins

SPA FROG BROMINE Replacement Cartridge

For use with Spa frog floating and In-Line Systems or as a stand-alone floating product. The Bromine Cartridge is adjustable to meet the needs of each spa and lasts on average 2-4

Spa Frog 4-Pack

Contains three bromine cartridges and one mineral cartridge. It is enough for three full months of protection.Note: Requires Spa Frog System.

SPA FROG Floating System

Spa Frog Floating System Also Includes:-1 Bromine Cartridge-1 Mineral Cartridge Limited Quantity shipping restrictions apply!! Cannot be shipped to Hawaii Alaska or by AIR.